Labor law and migration

In the field of labor law, KGK’s team has extensive knowledge and solid experience in advising clients on any issue that may arise in connection with the complex and highly dynamic employer-employee relations.

Our knowledge in that field makes it possible to provide effective service in the development, negotiation and implementation of employment and management agreements, internal regulations, employment policies. We advise our clients on good practices allowing them to minimize the liability risks. In addition to the consultations, we also provide litigation in labor disputes. 

The team of KGK is aware of the connection between the migration regime and other fields of legal regulation, such as foreign investment, employment, taxation, social security and more.  Therefore, KGK can assist in a number of administrative procedures, such as issuing short-stay visas, long-term or permanent residence permits for EU citizens as well as for non-EU citizens.

Globalization is affecting Bulgaria as well. There is a real interrelation of public importance between foreign investment and migration issues. More and more foreign investors are interested in the possibility of long-term residence or acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship, as they would ensure free movement in EU Member States, favorable tax conditions, different opportunities for realization of investment projects.

We offer advice and legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Consultation on issues arising during the different phases of the employment relationship, selection, hiring and dismissal, as well as restructuring and protection against competition. We also offer advices about the compliance with labor law;
  • Assistance to companies in relocating businesses in Bulgaria, legal problems of immigration and residence, work permits;
  • Preparation of collective and individual employment agreements, supplementary agreements and other necessary documents in relation to the requirements of the labor legislation;
  • Preparation of internal documents related to the management of the work process, including: internal rules, employee manuals, remuneration policies and bonuses, etc.;
  • Legal advice to employees and employers on all types of employment and social security issues;
  • Assistance in negotiating between employers and employees for the out-of-court settlement of labor disputes;
  • Legal protection of employees and employers in labor disputes before courts.